Frequently Asked Questions

Orders & shipping

There are no additional charges beyond what you see on the checkout page, as all shipping and import duties are included in that price.

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We pride ourselves on our speedy shipping process, making it difficult to cancel orders once they've been submitted. Nonetheless, we welcome returns and our customer support chat is always available for extra assistance.

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You will receive your tracking number in 0-1 Business Day by Email

Delivery takes 2-5 Business Days with UPS

Factors such as holidays and high order volumes could cause minor delays.

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Absolutely, we provide worldwide shipping. Rest assured, we handle all customs duties and delivery charges, so you won't face any unexpected costs when your items arrive. The total you see at the payment stage is the complete and final price.

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We generally process and dispatch orders within a 0-1 business day window. Once shipped, you will receive an automatic email containing tracking information. If an order was made on a Monday, it's highly probable that you'll receive your package within the week, though this can be influenced by factors like your location, any public holidays, and the volume of orders in our system.

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The majority of our orders are sent straight through UPS, and we guarantee NO DUTY FEES or hidden costs upon delivery. The amount charged at checkout is the complete price you'll pay, with no unexpected fees when your package arrives.

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Product Information

Absolutely, the products are fully compliant with street regulations. They are versatile and can be utilized both off-road and on-road without any issues.

Absolutely, our products undergo rigorous quality testing, and they are painted at the factory level to resist fading over time. They are designed with a high safety standard, but professional installation is necessary. For secure attachment, we recommend using robust 3M tape or Gorilla tape for spoilers, and screws for mounting front lips and side skirts.

We don't offer color-matched spoilers. If you're considering custom painting, we'd recommend purchasing a MATTE spoiler. If not, our gloss black spoilers are the top-selling products, primarily because they arrive with factory paint that endures without fading over time.

Don't hesitate to inquire about any custom product with our chat support. They are dedicated to guiding you properly.

While our products are generally user-friendly for self-installation, we always advocate for professional installation.

When installing spoilers, using reliable 3M or Gorilla tape is critical, but only after ensuring a pristine surface. Green painter's tape can serve as a helpful guide during this process.

For Side Skirts & Front Lips, we urge the use of screws. If you opt for just 3M tape, the force of wind and downward pressure may eventually loosen the product. Using screws guarantees optimal installation and product durability.

We offer comprehensive information on every product listing to assist you with determining the right fit. If you're in doubt, you can always consult our chat support before finalizing your purchase. They're constantly available to help.

You're also welcome to share a picture of your vehicle with us, and we'll be pleased to respond at the earliest opportunity.

The most efficient method to identify all products that are a match for your car is to visit our homepage and make use of the vehicle selector. This will present all options available for your vehicle, and you can then make a selection based on your personal preference, such as choosing between a small or a large spoiler!

The majority of our universal products are compatible with a broad range of cars. For instance, our universal big spoilers are adaptable to nearly all car models on the market.

When it comes to universal front lips, we encourage you to consult us before purchasing, as we have experience installing them on over 400 unique cars and can provide exceptional guidance.

Specific products are tailored to fit a particular car model, like the BMW F30, but may also suit various trim levels of that model, depending on the part. Feel free to reach out to us with any queries via chat before making a purchase.

For a professional, installing a spoiler or a front lip generally takes between 10-15 minutes.

Side skirts, on the other hand, can be more time-intensive, taking a minimum of 30 minutes to an hour for experts.

As for some complete body kits, the installation process might take over 2 hours, depending on the specific model.

The aesthetic parts we offer are produced from robust grade ABS, classified as OEM+, contributing substantially to their longevity.

To install front lips, you'll need to elevate the car on ramps or with a jack on each side. Then, align the lip correctly and secure it using a drill and the screws supplied.

For spoilers, the process involves thoroughly cleaning the area where it will be attached. After cleaning, you can apply green tape to help guide your installation, then use 3M tape to adhere the spoiler to the surface.

No, it won't lead to the cancellation of any existing warranty.

Customer Support

We do not charge a restocking fee for returned items. Please ensure the item is in the same condition as it was when we shipped it to you.

The most effective way to reach our customer support team is by initiating a chat on our website or sending us an email.

To start a return process, the ideal method is to reach out to our customer support team via chat or email.

Promotions, Pricing & Payment

Absolutely, we accommodate larger orders. Please communicate with us directly via chat or email, specifying your desired quantities, and we will offer you the most advantageous price contingent on your quantity.

We accept payments from all major credit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, among others, and also facilitate payments through PayPal.

After-Purchase Care

Yes, we uphold a satisfaction guarantee. If you run into any difficulties, please reach out to us directly through our website, and we'll strive to support you to the best of our ability.

The most effective way to leave a review on our website is to navigate to the specific product page, scroll downwards, and post your review right there! We appreciate your efforts in sharing your experience.

The optimal method for maintaining your spoiler is to clean it using a microfiber cloth.

To effectively remove a spoiler, gently pull it off while carefully using heat to remove the underlying 3M tape. For front lips and side skirts, you need to unscrew each screw individually.

Installation Support